13 June 2017


We are able to diagnose and repair almost every problem with PC.
Also we can make it much more efficient. It doesn’t matter if it’s
new gaming PC or old PC just for surfing on internet – u just have to
keep it safe and clean. Right now everyone uses computer to log in to bank,
or some portals like Facebook. In both cases we don’t want to let anybody
in to our account. We will take care of ur PC’s safety, and thanks to
removing some not useful software and old registry, cookies and some lower class
viruses, we can make ur PC almost like new.

We also complete and assembly new Computers. We only need informations about
the cost and for what it mostly will be used (gaming, graphics, just surfing etc.)
Then we can propose the best option for you.

When u need computer to ur office, just call. We mostly sell office PC from Dell.