4 April 2017

Price list

Initial diagnosis 0,00 zł N/A
Full diagnosis 70,00 zł N/A
Laptop cleaning and dedusting 150,00 zł 3 months
Installing OS and drivers 100,00 zł N/A
Installing OS, drivers and basic office software 130,00 zł N/A
Replacing housing components 100,00zł + part N/A
Replacing LCD panel 170,00 zł + part 3 months
Replacing motherboard 170,00 zł + part 3 months
Replacing keyboard 90,00 zł + part 3 months
Data recovery 180,00 zł N/A
Copying data 80,00 zł N/A
Replacing HDD Drive 100,00 zł + part Manufacturers
Replacing HDD for SSD 130,00 zł + part Manufacturers
OS optimization 120,00 zł N/A
Smartphone LCD replacement 110,00 zł + part Manufacturers
Smartphone software update 80,00 zł N/A

Full diagnosis is free if client decides to repair!!!
Price can change, due to variety of notebooks, tablets and smartphones.